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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does implementation take?

We do all the heavy lifting for getting your practice launched. A typical practice timeline is usually 2 weeks but can be as fast as a few days depending on what you're looking for.

Is there a new system our practice has to train on?

One of the best things about PatientPage is that there is no new dashboard, system, or workflow you have to use. Everything is integrated with the EMR which helps keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Are there any additional costs?

Our product suite is all-inclusive meaning you get any and all features you want to make your practice successful. If at any time you want to add-on, just let our support team know and we will complete the build, all for the same contract price. We believe in growing with a practice and you shouldn't have to bear the cost of that.

Are you able to accommodate multiple locations?

Yes, we work with many multi-location practices and large health systems.

Are there any restrictions with the number of appointments or patients your system can handle?

We do not impose any limitations on appointments or patients.

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